Call for submissions – you say i say

you say I say

Tell me your version. Whichever version of whichever story. It can be a story that matters to you or one you couldn’t care less about. Something you experienced personally, or something entirely made up, or something you read on a discarded paper on the tube.
Don’t try to be objective; in fact, be as subjective and partial and biased as you possibly can. You can type it or handwrite it and then scan it, whatever’s easier.
What happens next is that another person will read it, and write down their own version, based on their understanding and perceptions, as an exercise in translation. So, to recap:

– write down your story (reality or fiction). You can write it in English or in the language you feel most comfortable with- or both! The only thing is, keep it subjective!
– send it over to chiarapuntil[@]
– also send me your name as you’d wish it to appear, or let me know if you don’t want your name known.
– as the project progresses, I will update you.

Thank you for your collaboration!


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